Preparing For Your Appointment

Consider what type of groom you prefer.

Do you adore your cat’s luxurious coat or do you want it all gone? Browse our photos and consider your preferences. When our groomer arrives for your appointment, she can assess your cat to determine how closely it can be achieved!

Consider a maintenance schedule that will work for you.

How often you are able to commit to having your cat groomed can influence our recommendations for the best type of groom. For instance, a cat may require a monthly grooming schedule in order to maintain its full coat but only require an 8-week schedule if kept in a comb cut. Once our groomer assesses your cat’s coat and temperament, she will work with you to determine the best course of action so that you no longer have to stress about your cat’s grooming needs!

Prepare a space for grooming.

This step is very easy! All we need you to provide is an area with a tub or sink – usually a small bathroom or laundry room works best. We have found that most cats are less nervous being groomed in a smaller space than they are in a large area where they fixate on escape, and this allows us to better contain any mess. Our groomer can vacuum afterwards but you may wish to remove anything that easily accumulates hair – towels and toothbrushes tend to be the worst offenders!

Have your cat accessible.

You may choose to have a designated area for your cat to comfortably await our arrival, although we suggest sticking to your normal daily routine as closely as possible to help prevent anxiety before their groom. Our groomer will text you when she is on her way for your appointment so you know when to expect her, and she can text you when she arrives, instead of knocking or ringing a doorbell, if requested!

Have a form of payment available.

Payment is due at the time of services. We accept most forms of payment including cash, check, credit/debit, or even Venmo. For our groomer’s safety, she does not carry change for cash payments. Please keep this in mind when choosing a form of payment.

A note about tipping: there are many conflicting opinions about the etiquette of tipping your groomer. Know that we always appreciate when a client tips, but it is never expected.



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