Full Service Grooms

The prices listed below are estimated prices subject to change. Surcharges may apply for behavioral difficulties and matting or pelting of the coat. An additional travel fee may apply. 

Because regular professional grooming keeps the coat well-maintained and lessens stress for the cat, clients that are groomed regularly make our job easier and keep your cat happier. Thus, our clients may receive discounts for adhering to the recommended grooming schedule. Follow our blog to learn more about the benefits of regular grooming! 
Some of our grooming options may not be available for all cats. For example, most cats are perfectly agreeable for full coat grooms, although severe matting or pelting may prevent this option. Wiggly cats or older cats with more delicate skin may not be able to receive lion cuts for safety reasons. Call or email us today to discuss what groom is best for you and your cat!

Full Coat Groom


Includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim, comb through, and sanitary trim. Great for reducing shedding and preventing mats without shaving or clipping the hair!  

Lion Cut


$115 on 8-week schedule

Includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim, de-shedding, and comb through. The hair on the body is shaved, leaving “boots” on the feet, a small “mane” around the head, and a pom-pom on the end of the tail. The option for a full tail is also available. 

Comb Cut


$115 on 8-week schedule

Includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim, and comb through. The hair on the body is trimmed but left longer and more plush than a lion cut. Lengths available include 3/4″,  5/8″,  1/2″,  3/8″ and 1/4″. 

Add-On Services Available With Full Grooms

De-Shed Treatment ($21)

Removes additional shedding undercoat at the end of the groom

Belly Shave ($17) 

Great way to remove some coat without cutting the hair on the body

Half Belly Shave ($11)

Not as extreme as a full belly shave 

*It is important to note that any time the hair is clipped, there is a small risk that regrowth may not occur or may occur at a slower rate. While this risk is minimal, it can increases with age and in the presence of chronic medical conditions. This does not normally cause any discomfort or harm to the cat but may be of importance to the owner. 

It is also important to note that clipping the hair may cause it to regrow a slightly different color and/or texture. This is a more common occurrence. Typically, the coat appears to be lighter in color and softer or more “cottony” in texture. We believe the reason for this has to do with the fact that there are two main types of hair on a cat’s body, in addition to their whiskers. A cat’s coat consists of both undercoat (the softer, lighter hair that comprises most shedding hair) and guard coat (the coarser, outer layer of hair that offers protection from the elements). Guard hair is not shed and regrown as often as undercoat. Thus, when the hair is clipped or shaved, it is common for the undercoat to regrow more quickly than the guard coat. Depending on a particular cat’s coat, the difference between guard coat and undercoat may be negligible or more noticeable. If the undercoat is significantly lighter and softer in color and grows back faster than the guard coat, it may change the overall appearance and feel of the cat’s coat. Our groomer can give you an idea of how clipping may affect the texture and color of your cat’s coat prior to your groom. 

While a change in color does not cause any discomfort or harm to a cat, the softening of the texture may cause the coat to mat more easily. We ask that owners keep this in mind when choosing a groom.

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